Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chester, MT

Howdy from the dry west! Bruce and Jane left this morning and I'm on my own again. The smoke from the fire blew south so I boogied east so think I shouldn't have any trouble with that fire, but there are fires in Montana too, so you never know.

Had a cross head wind all day so I'm tired and will camp in the city park tonight if I get permission, and the librarian just said I don't need permission so after here I'll go check that out.

Montana is going to go on forever I'm afraid! Made 67 miles today and got here at 3 so made decent time despite with the wind. Yesterday I rode over 30 miles at about 25 mph, now that was nice! Ordered two new tires so hopefully when I get to Minot, ND in about a week, they'll be waiting for me.

The BOB trailer is fuller than when I started and it slows me down, but after B&J left I have to haul all my stuff. A lot of the weight is food so I'll start lightening that up tonight! I've been on the road for 23 days and still have a smile when I start in the morning...and then slowly fades as the day wears on, and then brightens when I see my stop at the end of the day. Having a great time, but really miss Ann and all my friends. Bye for now until I find the computer. Paul


Bruce B. said...

Hey Paul, had a great ride. We made it home in one day. Got home around 11 PM so it was a long day. I'll try to put a few pictures on the web when I get a chance.

Paul said...

YO dude, glad to hear you made it home safely and I'm sure that it was a long day. Check the blog as I don't have time to type everything twice as I just got done at the laundry and there is a table at the Chinese restaurant in Havre with my name on it. It was good riding with you and having both of you share part of my ride. I've had head winds every day since you left. Thanks again.

Peace Paul