Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stillwater, MN

Greetings to my friends! I got soaked again today, but not until the last 15 or so miles. Before that it was just fog. I woke up dry and then stepped out of the tent and was immediately soaked in a wet fog blowing off the lake. After the very weird dreams of Tim Creamer making chocolate and me sampling the product and the other dreams I was having I was ready to hit the road as I thought I would get out of the fog after leaving the lake area. Wrong again, so I turned on all the flashers I had and it was okay. I crossed in to Wisconsin and then meandered around and crossed the St. Croix River back in to Minnesota at Stillwater where I'm spending the night at the Days Inn as I still don't want to camp in the rain.

Hostel Shoppe was supposed to send me my tire and two tubes to a local bike shop here and they were to call them first and arrange the delivery and let them know I would pick it up. So I get here and the guy I talk to at the motel says he thinks they went out of buisness. I call the shop and sure enough they were no longer in buisness as I guess the bikes and skate board buisness isn't that good in Stillwater. So I call Hostel Shoppe and sure enough they had shipped the tires to the shop! Go figure, since they didn't get an answer when they called the shop they shipped them anyway. But, I handled it well and told them I'd look at the maps somemore and call them back and rearrange the drop off. I didn't even yell at her this time. Sure hope the front tire doesn't go flat where I can't patch it! Did I just jinx myself?

The weather is looking favorable for the next couple of days according to the weather I'll probably get rained on every day. :>) Oh well. I need to go back to my room and see if I can dry my clothes since there isn't a laundry room here. I think I saw an iron in the room so maybe it's sink washing and drying by just might work. Later. Paul

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luvtheteleturn said...

Hi Paul:

Sorry to hear about the continued rain. We got hammered early in the week, but the last two days have been sunny, although very hot and humid. Just heard this morning that Richland County was declared a disaster area by the governor due to the flooding.

Boy, you must be getting really strong riding everyday, both in body and spirit. Takes a huge amount of character and determination to do what you are doing. I am totally envious.

Got my first issue of "Backcountry" magazine yesterday, so I am starting to get the skiing "stoke" already. Hope we can get together and make some turns this year.

Keep the faith and the cranks going round.

Wishing you sunny days and strong tailwinds.