Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next adventure!

Greetings from south western Ohio. I don't know if anyone is still looking here, but in September Kent & Sloaner, Bruce, and myself are headed to Asheville, NC to ride for 9 out of 11 days and should be a great trip.

Kent planned this trip and then he and Bruce tweaked the route a little. Me, I'm just along for the ride. And quite a ride it will be as it looks like there is going to be a ton of hard climbing every day! The final day will be an assault on Mount Mitchell which should be interesting. Bruce has been doing a lot of serious climbs in preparation as he says it's not the miles on this trip, but the climbing. He is ready for it more so than I. I've started doing some serious climbing and will be ready.....or at least able to do the ride. I'm changing the gearing on the bent to a mountain bike crank to get the lower gearing that I think I'll need.

So it should be a beautiful and hard ride and hope maybe someone is still out there looking. We start riding September 6, 2008. Peace Paul God Bless