Saturday, August 18, 2007

Otter Trail, MN

Paul knew the dry weather was not going to last forever…and today the rains came. The first hour was dry, then it started sprinkling so Paul wisely donned his rain gear. Then he rode in the rain the rest of today’s 47 miles. On a positive note, he is pleased with his new rain jacket, and the Bob trailer bag did a great job of keeping his belongings dry. It was too wet to pitch a tent and camp so he tried to stay at Twin Lakes, but the cabins were fully booked. He spent some time talking to the manager who was truly grateful for the rain as there hadn’t been any there in the last 2 months. After some socialization and watching several loons on the lake, Paul faced the rains and hit the road again.

When he stopped for lunch (he’s developing a fondness for McDonald's chicken Caesar salads), he tried to get a room at the motel in Battle Lake, but it was fully booked as well. Being totally soaked by that time and dealing with the road’s small shoulder, terrible visibility, and cars that weren’t giving him any leeway, his choices were to go 40 miles on his southern route to the next town or head 10 miles north off-route to Otter Trail where there was one room left at the hopping Otter Supper Club & Lounge. So he’s made friends with the band’s bass player who helped him get the bike upstairs to his room and enjoyed a steak & decadent chocolate caramel dessert during the early bird special. The rain did keep the mosquitoes away, but his challenge tonight is the flies in his motel room. He claims the more he kills, the more that seem to come. But at least he is dry and hoping for less moisture tomorrow. Ann

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Rob said...

Hey Possum,

It must be a challenge to deal with all that rain, inconsiderate drivers, and booked lodging. But be glad- tomorrow it is going to snow.

Looking forward to your return. Do not overdo it and be safe. Rob