Saturday, August 4, 2007

Malta, MT

Hi again from Malta, home of Elvis the dinosaur, the mosquitos tried eating me alive this morning at the city park in Harlem so I packed up and was out of there with a great tail wind! The trouble with that was that the little ^#*&$%* took advantage of the tailwind and were biting me as I rode! Many died! After 47 miles I was at Malta at 11 am and am enjoying my second short day. Had there been a good stop a litle farther away I might have gone on, but there isn't so I got a cheap motel room and I'm going to veg out and rest the legs, right after my lunch at the DQ!

I was on my way to the DQ when I passed this dinosaur museum so stopped in and the lady said that the library was closed, but let me use her computer. The people have been very nice and I enjoy that. Only ran in to one drunken Indian and that was when I was with Bruce and the Indian told Bruce to punch me in the face. Of course, Bruce fearing for his life didn't take his advice! ;>)) Just kidding Bruce.

Tomorrow will be a longer day of about 80 miles so hopefully the wind will stay out of the west for a few more days, or a few more weeks as far as I'm concerned. Cyclists do like tail winds. Kent, if we can't hook up for a ride to Ohio maybe after my break at home and I decide to ride to Virginia, you guys could join me for that portion. Just a thought. If I go to the coast I'll probably drop the bent off to Bill Cook in Falls Church. Bye for now and see everyone later. Paul

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