Thursday, August 2, 2007

Havre, MT

Hello again from Havre, Montana, and Jaybone, I figured out why you left this state. I hit the Bears Paw Mts in Havre today so at least it isn't pancake flat. I've had cross headwinds and head winds again today, but it was only 88 so life is good. Arrived at Havre after riding 62 miles and got the last motel room in town, at another motel, according to the first place I stopped as they were full and had been calling around, but they gave me a chocolate chip cookie so that was appreciated. I could have eaten a few more, but didn't want to make a glutton of myself, don't say it!

So I'm clean again and was going to take the day off tomorrow and rest the legs, but I'm being run out of town. There is an American Indian Pow Wow in town, plus a class reunion, but then how big can this class reunion be? So instead of a day off I think I'll ride 40 miles to the next campground and just have a short day. And then maybe another 40 mile day the following day.

My thoughts of 70 to 100 miles a day are fading unless the winds shift as I'm pretty well bushed after 65. I ran in to a guy who started in Texas and rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail up to Banff and now is riding to Sturgis and then to St. Louis. He trashed his rear wheel and wasn't real impressed with GDT as he said all he saw was his front wheel most the time. But he rode it in 72 days so that's fairly impressive. Only my riding buddies will appreciate this paragraph. :>)

Ann gets home tonight and I'll get to talk to her in the morning! The traffic was light again today and some teenager yelled at me, but then we were all young once, but if I could get my hands on him....not really. I just ignore that stuff. The trucks have been good and get over when they can, but if they can't you just ride the shoulder and hang on. That part hasn't been nearly as bad as what other riders have been warning me about. The worst is the jerk coming towards me who decides to pass a vehicle while heading straight towards me. Thank goodness for a good shoulder. The body is tired and I've been sleeping good so onward I travel! Until the next post, take care and see you all when I get home.

Hey Clarke, what did you think of the Tour outcome? Good for Discovery! Bad, or good for Rassmussin, the jerk. Bye. Paul

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