Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Center City, MN

Despite the weather forecasts for continuing storms in Minnesota, Paul had a dry, mostly sunny, 68 mile ride today with calm winds and a nice breeze to keep the temperature comfortable. He had a late start, after being up later than normal doing some preventative maintenance on the bike and putting a new tube on his back tire, then enjoying his motel bed for every possible moment. He had to detour this morning when he hit a closed road. He at first thought that he might be able to get through it anyway, but talked with a local guy in a pickup truck who discouraged him from trying to jump over the several culvert replacements in progress. So he discussed alternate routes and ended up on some scenic back roads.

He stopped at a local bar mid-day and had three tacos but started to feel guilty about not having more vegetables on this trip (recent reminder from his wife). Therefore, he took the opportunity to stop at a roadside stand where he bought…a pickle! He is camping at the Homestead RV park tonight and thankful he got his tent pitched before the threatening rains started. The park owner said he had not mowed since July because of the lack of rain, but with the recent 2.5” the grass was growing again. Evenings are cool and Paul was expecting an early bedtime with pleasant dreams on his new thermafoam mattress. Ann


clarke said...

Paul, hope you are dry. We are still burning up. I was in the flooding in Findlay. The town looks like an island. Freeway I-75 closed 1st time ever. the cemetery
was only showing the tops of the stones. they routed us around about 40 miles. Shelby was also hard hit evedrything there full of water. I'm surprized you have stayed dry. Good. Ride safe and enjoy all the local folks. Clarke

Peckerhead Estrogen said...

Feel like such a weeny doing 20 milers after work on weekdays. The weather here is bike prohibitive this week. Did have a fun time running during the worst morning of the rains...thunder/lightening and every step in inches of rain. It is supposed to make one run faster dodging the lightening. Stay safe....wish I was riding out from this end to meet you. But you know about the "job". It says NO.