Friday, August 24, 2007


Despite the 10% grade climb out of Stillwater, most of the 48 miles today were rolling hills, beautiful valleys and just a pretty ride. It was sunny and in the 70s – so a “10” day. Paul did complain about a sore left Achilles tendon as a result of the climb but felt that the stir-fry vegetables he had at the Chinese restaurant last night would help heal that quickly! In addition, he bought some fresh sweet corn at a gas station during a break this afternoon and was planning on that for dinner tonight. He is camping in the Knapp, WI city park since it is dry. He IS still concerned about hitting flood ravaged areas as he turns south towards home – as they have gotten worse over the past week. Hopefully, the lands will dry out by the time he gets there. It would have been disastrous to head south in Minnesota, and he would have missed the beautiful country he rode through today. Tomorrow he plans a stop at a bike shop at Eau Claire, WI, to get the right size tubes for his front tire. He’s nursing a slow leak that holds for a day or two but really needs replaced. Ann


Cincinnati Burger Guys said...

Hey Paul. With a recent trip to Seattle then a full week on assignment here in town, just finished catching up on your stuff.

While flying to Seattle, thought I spotted you below, thus tried to time a flush. ha ha ...

Now that you're feasting on ice cream and eating lotsa veggies, what can you tell us about Alice?

Hey hey ... a new burger posting today! Here you go ...

Rob said...

Hey Possum,

No wonder you are angry. I'd be rather irked if my tires did not arrive. But what is the problem? Leave the big tires on the bike and you'll get back home sooner.

I admire your intestinal fortitude to battle the torrential rains and flooded conditions. There is unbelievable damage up there. Someday you will have to explain how you navigate around in such conditions.

All right- I know. You have morphed into a new life form. Did you ever see flippers and fins grafted onto a recumbent bike?

Watch out for yourself. Rob

Paul said...

Rob, you have a good imagination as I might steal your idea and put fins on the bent. I'll start heading south tomorrow so will be in the flood area in a couple of days so hope it's all out by then. Time will tell. Paul