Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Culbertson, MT

Howdy Well, I didn't make it out of Montana today as the winds were not in my favor and I'm tired. So I'm in Culbertson on my my way to the city park to camp for the night. Then to Williston tomorrow where I may take a rest day, although I was hoping to take one in Minot, but hey, maybe I'll take one there also. It is an option you know, as I'm not on a schedule. But sure will be happy to get home to my woman!

The bike is working great and the BOB trailer is pulling fine, but a little motor on the trailer wheel would help on some of the climbs! But hey, I haven't walked yet, and the major climbs are behind me. Heck, I may be home in time for CFC so are any of you guys game for that ride? Last years was a real bear and I don't know what the route is this year. But then, I may blow that off too, but I kind of hate to as I think I'll be in shape for it. ;>)

There is a 70 or 80 mile stretch between Williston and Hot Point (or something similar) that has no services so they recommend extra water and food so that will be interesting. I'm not looking to have a problem as I'll have plenty of both on hand. I would like to see it a little cooler though, but I have no control over that and so it hasn't been unbearably hot. But I could do without the darn black flies and skeeters. There is west nile virus out here so bought some new repellent that is 98% deet! So I can do war with the little ^(#$%^%)@*$ with the big teeth!

I think when I get home I'll just lay in the water garden for a few days, although Ann said the water was hot in there so maybe I'll try the Little Miami, but it's polluted. All is going well and I think I'll head to the park and cook up some mashed potatoes and chicken as the Possum is hungry! It's three o'clock and I haven't had lunch yet! Stopped and took a picture of a dead snake about three feet long, but it didn't look that appetizing. Later, today Montana, tomorrow N. Dakota, in a month Ohio! Paul


tvermilya said...


Keep up the 'good fight' and your push to OH! Dad & I got back to OH last Thursday; and now it is back to 'reality.' When / where do you plan to enter OH?



clarke said...

8/8, Its hot today. saw 100 on the
auto temp gauge-96 on pinebluff.
If you got in the water, you'd cook. Drive safe. I'm going to mow later. then a good adult beverage.
Drive safe. Clarke

Cincinnati Burger Guys said...

Yo Cello Man ... Following your journey has been interesting, & sure can tell you're enjoying yourself; as well as thankful for the headwind.

Sure wish someone gets some pics up for you.

Just posted a new burger review. Here's the link: http://cvgburgerguys.blogspot.com/

Decided to save a bottle of the melon cello for you as a welcome home!

Keep those wheels turnin'!

Paul said...

Toddman I'm planning on coming down the eastern edge of Indiana until just west of Springfield or Dayton and then head east to the Little Miami Bike trail and then take it home.

Clarke, 101 yesterday!

Frank, I'll be looking forward to the melon chello, thanks.