Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hillsboro, WI

Hi from Hillsboro, WI and today was a beautiful ride with all sun! A fairly strong headwind the first 40 or so miles and hilly the last 31 with two significant climbs. One was over Wildcat Mountain and was complete with switchbacks and the whole smear. Great climb! It was also hot to boot. But the long valley I rode through prior to the climb was superb. I tell you that Wisconsin is one beautiful state and I'm pleasantly surprised. There was an older gentleman cruising down the road about 3 mph and as he went by me he told me I had a long climb coming up. This was after Wildcat so I wasn't too concerned. It was long, but not too bad, not as hard as Wildcat.

The valley had a lot of Amish farms and was scenic.

The tendon didn't give me any trouble today so that is good and after the climbs I declare myself healed. There is supposed to be a big storm coming in tonight and rain for tonight and tomorrow so will see how that plays out. With the strong winds that could be the front moving in. I sure hope it switches from the south or tomorrow is going to be another rough day, but the last I heard it will switch and be out of the north northwest! Woohoo! Do I feel a tailwind?!! Sure hope so. They just told me I had to get off so later folks. Still a blast!! Paul

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