Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stump Lake, ND

Well, Paul was back on the road today, turning southeast towards home as his journey surpassed 2000 miles. After the unexpected day of rest, his legs were strong for today’s 84 miles. One stop along the way was a visit with a man who was restoring log cabins. Paul got a personal tour of the job site.

An even more interesting encounter happened in a rest area where Paul met a man (poet, artist) who is biking from Fargo, ND, to Washington (state). He had a portable solar panel raised to charge his laptop, and also hauls his gear in a Bob trailer. However, he refuses to pay to camp in campgrounds; therefore, he camps off road, bandit style. Although born in Toledo (OH), he has spent most of his time living in Europe, currently along a tree line in the Alps which requires skiing to get to town. He is against cars, television and processed food (a sentiment which Paul mostly agrees).

When Paul arrived at the Stump Lake campground tonight, he realized how wise his decision to stay at the Nix’s yesterday really was. The area had been hit by a tornado the previous day, and some of the campground was still closed. Part of the roof on the nearby café was gone, and many trees were down. However, everyone was celebrating their survival at the café so Paul joined in, enjoying the beer and $1 shots (Jose Cuervo for Paul, of course) along with a Buffalo burger, fries and coleslaw (as I recently commented he was not eating vegetables). Although there had been no rain today, the skies were blackening and it started to sprinkle during his call home. More aggravating, the mosquitoes were thickening so Paul was headed to his tent, his journal and an early bedtime. Ann


Bill Cook said...

Paul, glad to hear that your trip is going well. If you swing down through Fargo, pause a moment to reflect on the city in which your bike builder was born. Your Virginia goes home today. You will like the finish, I hope.

Good luck on the rest of your journey. bill cook

Paul said...

So you were born in Fargo. I will pause, think, and then get out of N.Dakota and be one state closer to home. It has been a nice state to ride through and have enjoyed it. And it isn't quite as long as Montana!