Saturday, August 11, 2007

Add to Ann's post

Howdy from windy Minot. I may regret this rest day as there would be a really great tailwind today to make up for the hellacious headwind of yesterday! Sure hope it holds up for tomorrow as I plan an early start to make it the 75 miles to Bill Nix's house. Last night after checking my maps I discovered that my route turns south before I get to his house in Knox, but I'm going to his place and then cut south and rejoin the route. Should be interesting as he wants to "visit", gee, I hope we can find something to talk about. ;>) That was for you Kent. Hey Bruce, the DQ is right behind the motel, is life good or what! I may have to stop again today and get a blizzard in your honor.

I got a partially dive room in town, but the price was almost right (it wasn't free). I'm heading to the mall today to replace the air mattress as each time I use it I lose another air chamber and the ground gets harder and harder. Patching isn't working anymore. I'm not like the kid I ran into that just sleeps on the ground because deflating his air mattress is just one more thing to do in the mornings. Ann pretty much covered everything on her post so won't bore you too much. Picked up my new tires and Cytomax yesterday and feel better now that they're taken care of. At least I don't have the heat and humidity of Ohio to contend with and am hoping that everything is back to normal by the time I get home. It was in the high 80's yesterday and cool this morning. I have to give a lot of credit to Ann who is holding up the home front while I'm gone, as it sounds like she really has her hands full.........and I'm going to owe her big time. Life is good on the road. da Possum


Rob said...

Hey Possum,

You crossed the Continental Divide, so it is all downhill from there. And now you wanna tailwind??

Best of luck. Watch for whackoes in 4 wheeled vehicles.

Louise said...

Hi Paul,

It's good to see and hear everything you are doing. When you get back and are up in Ashland I would like to hear your tall tales. Take care and keep up the greaat job on this trip. Take care Ann you also deserve good things in life

mayormike said...

Hey old man!

talk about weather, its been close to 100degree's the past couple of days. Grass is all but brown. Sounds like you are having a great adventure! Keep it up and we will see you soon.

Mike "the mayor" of Pinebluff!

Paul said...

Rob, they say it's downhill, but I have some personal experience, and it ain't!

Louise, it's been a great trip so far and when I'm up there we'll talk.

Mike I heard it was hot so I think I'll slow down until it cools off a bit! ;>)