Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cooperstown, ND

Howdy from windy North Dakota. I had a wet nigth last night and after spilling a bottle of water in the tent everything was wet so I packed up early this morning and after doing battle with the skeeters, it was declared a draw, at least I know when to pull out! I headed down the road. After about 20 some miles I pulled over and dried everything out by just holding the ends of the tent and fly and the wind blew everything horizontal and it was dry in about 10 minutes! Pretty amazing. Of course, one woman driving by thought I was flagging her down so she turned around and came back to help. She gave me an alternate route that she said was smoother and it was, plus I got to utilize the wind as the first nine miles was a strong tailwind instead of a cross wind. She's a bike rider and is going to France next year to ride.

I was headed to an all you can eat buffet at the restaurant across the street, but saw the library and here I am, aren't you impressed that I came here BEFORE the restaurant! There are lakes all over here and ducks in every one! Have seen a lot of deer today and more dead frogs, as that is what I see the most as roadkill. Evidently N. Dakota frogs are not popular in the jumping contests as they don't jump far enough or fast enough. Also seeing a lot of salamanders crossing the road.

Today is a beautiful day and the wind is okay as I don't need to head in to it. Tomorrow I should be in Fargo and then out of N. Dakota. Ever closer to home and Ann! And since the heat is starting to retreat I'll head that direction! ;>) Still a great trip and all you PH's should do it sometime! Have met such great people and shared wonderful stories. And if I wasn't such an introvert I'd probably meet more. ;>))) Later, as the stomach is telling me it's empty! Hoping to get to Page where there is a room waiting for me, I hope. They have one room for a cyclist and I'm trying to get a hold of them to make a reservation. I need a shower! Hope you all enjoy the blog as it's fun to post and read the comments. Paul


luvtheteleturn said...

Hi Paul:

The old "spilt the water bottle in the tent" story huh. You ought to know us old guys with the oversized prostrates have used that one before....

Glad to here the winds are favorable. You are right, the Peckerheads should do the ride. We always talked about it. Would love to see the group do a sag version where would take turns driving the sag vehicle so that we could just ride and not have to deal with the gear. Still would like to camp like you are doing.

Be kind to the frogs and salamanders. They could be the next dominant species....

Hope the wind stays at your back. Be safe.


Paul said...

Tomas I can still make it outside before accidents! Short day today and you guys are going to have to do it on your own as i doubt I go clear across again. It's still a hoot and am enjoying myself. Keep in touch. Paul