Friday, August 3, 2007

Harlem, MT

Greetings I'm in Harlem after a short 44 mile ride into the wind again. I thought the wind was suppose to blow west to east! It isn't a real strong wind, just one that is constant and steady and moderately strong. A 11.5 mph ride to be precise. Darn, but Montana is a long state! And N. Dakota won't be much shorter. This was going to be my rest day and at 44 miles it's a short day.

I'm going to the police station and check in and then head to the park to lay around and read and rest the legs. Ann got home last night and it was great hearing her voice, now if I could just see her. That's what makes me push on.

Talked to some native Americans about the pow wow they are having south of Havre this weekend and they were as excited as they get about it. They were standing around outside my room talking at 5 this morning and woke me up. I sleep better in my tent outside than I do inside.

Bruce had trouble with me saying the guy that rode the divide trail only could look at his front wheel so I'll explain. The terrain was so rough he was constantly being jarred arouind and had to watch what his front wheel was hitting next. Riding that trail doesn't appeal to me. Sections maybe, but not the whole length. In fact this will be my last trip of this magnatude, but I wouldn't rule out a week to two week trips. ;>)

And with that I'll close before I bore you too much. I'm still having fun, but I could use a little change in scenery. There will be a party when I get home! Paul


Kent said...

Last trip of this magnitude!!?? What about next year when I want to do the Trans Am? :)

clarke said...

paul, ann just explained how to do this. you only got one of my messages. I was in ashland for vintage days-friday nite bad storm race got rained out for the finals. the rest of the weekend was good at mid-ohio but H-O-T.
I've been where you are, but, on the M/C. Logan Pass is neat, lowest partt of the Rockies. We hunt on the indian land in S. dakota. it can be dangerous. like over the rhine, here. I stopped feeding the birds, they can find their own for the summer. maybe rain tomorrow-sunday. new neighbors in that repo'd house at the entrance. looks OK. your place looks OK, ann's watering today.
ride safe, this will be the high lite of your life when you look back on it. C

Jay's Dad said...

Hey Paul:

Glad you have not allowed the constant boredom of the Montana flatlands to infringe on your sanity. Yes, it is flat and remote. As you visit the little towns along the way, inquire about local history, because there are some very interesting things to enjoy, one would be the early 1900s underground city in Havre.

We are glad not to be living in that part of the country, but it was a good place to grow up. Sometime I would like to share 'Hi-line' stories with you.

Stay well and enjoy the ride.

Jay's Dad
(Jess Allred)

Paul said...

Kent You're on your own on that one.

Clarke, it's hot here too, but this morning I had a tailwind. I'm pretty cautious on Indian land.

Jess, good hearing from you, I found out about the underground in Havre the day after I left. I think that would have been interesting. Read today's blog posting as I'm at the dinosaur museum.