Sunday, August 5, 2007

Glascow, MT

Paul had a nice 72 mile bike today, accompanied by his new pal, Clyde from St. Louis, who is a few years older and a true tourer (having biked from Alaska to Peru – where all his equipment including bike were stolen). There were small grades, but no major climbs. It continues to be dry, but they seem to be east of the ever-spreading wildfires. Animal sightings included five antelope, one coyote and one mule deer. He seems to be out of mosquito territory, but now the black flies are biting! They are sharing a RV site (each tent camping) tonight in Glascow, MT and will ride together again tomorrow.

Bike seems to be holding its own, but a tube in Paul’s air mattress failed this evening so he’s going to have to find the hole and get it patched. He also is having difficulty with his new glasses – one of the lens kept falling out so it has been duct taped to hold it in place until Paul can find a friendly optometrist to do some repair work. Not pretty, but it works! Ann

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