Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spring Green, WI

Hi, I stopped for lunch and there is a library here, and since I plan to camp tonight, I won't be near a computer. We had a pretty good storm last night so was glad I was in a motel. Left at 8:30 this morning and so far have gone 47 miles. I had to take a detour as Rt. 80 was closed 5 miles down the road and I didn't feel like riding the 5 miles and then finding out I couldn't get around it and have to ride the 5 miles back as the secondary roads were scarse. I thought about the bike trail, but it was crushed stone and the bent doesn't like that surface. So I headed east and then south and I had a tail wind so life was good. There were some hills, but not too bad and it was another pretty ride.

It's been cloudy all day with the sun peeking out once in a while. It's not supposed to rain and will be sunny for many days with cooler temperatures. Hey, they promised me that on the tele this morning!

There is a state park about 20 some miles down the road so will probably stop there for the night. Hopefully they will have some spots that aren't flooded as there are a lot of low spots under water. Plus the mosquitos will probably be hovering just waiting for me to climb off the bike and then attack me full force. I've got the heavy duty 98% deet crap so that should at least slow them down. That stuff is powerful, I got some on the foam of my helmet and it actually melted a little of it! Now that's a little scary, if you ask me. But as long as it keeps the little buggers at bay I won't complain too much.

Clarke, make sure Mayor Mike makes them pave the whole street and not just patch it. You listening Mike? ;>) If I have to take matters in to my own hands I won't be responsible for the results! I should be home in a couple weeks so hopefully I'll bring some rain with me and some cooler temperatures. You guys have suffered enough. And I'll probably be walking the street asking for donations to help defray the water bill! Later and have the hood ready for my arrival, I like a neat looking street. :>))

Jesse, it's fine that you you asked for good thoughts my way. I wondered who the stranger was. Take care.

Dick C., I need your tracfone number, so can you email it to me so we can make contact when I get in Illinois. It looks like Iraquois (sp) would work well as it's just inside the Illinois border from Indiana. I don't have service again so hopefully will have in Illinois. Paul

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