Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ice cream

Howdy I was riding along and after about 55 miles a woman, Alice, called to me and I'm here eating ice cream, cookies, and orang juice! Is life good or what.

Here is just a short rant about tires. Now wouldn't you think that a 20 inch tire is a 20 inch tire? Nooooooo! There is a 20 inch tire and then another 20 inch tire is a bigger diameter! I swear this is the truth! Who ever came up with this crap would be interesting to talk to, or strangle, which ever I felt like first. No promises!

Jesse, you're right as noone would come with me. ;>)) I'll take that as a compliment, or maybe I'm just a little demented. After a day off because of rain I'm back on the road and that feels better than sitting around a motel room. I think I'll have a few days of dry weather before more rain. I guess I better get going as I'm planning on an 80 mile day today. Paul

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