Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad weather

Paul spent most of the day in Nancy and Bill Nix’s bunkhouse watching movies as severe storms kept him off the road. With black skies, thunder, strong headwinds, and predicted hail between quarter inch to golf ball size, Paul made a wise decision to let the elements pass before hitting the road again tomorrow. He was stung by a bee in the back of the neck using the outhouse in the middle of the night – so the insects continue to be a problem! Paul related that Bill is quite a sportsman, having killed a grizzly with a bow – it is stuffed and on display at Cabellas. I encouraged him to invite Bill to Cincinnati to take out some of our deer! He really appreciates all the kindness and hospitality of Nancy and Bill these last couple of days.

We talked longer this evening and Paul said that he met several people yesterday in Rugby, ND (15 miles west of the Nix home) where he had stopped at the monument marking the geographic center of North America. When one of them asked him what would possess him to be making this trip, Paul’s tongue in cheek answer: “I was dropped on my head as a child.” Hmmmmmm. Ann


luvtheteleturn said...

Hi Paul:

Tried to send a message a last week but could not sign into the account I started. Had to do a new one.

Sorry about the weather, but some cool days are probably welcome at this point. I really admire your perserverance in dealing with the hot days and bugs. I would have had to seek the high mountains to escape both.

Sounds like you are still on the "informal" campaign trail. I are just testing the waters to feel out your opponents. I would guess Hiliary will be getting a bit worried by now. I bet that Harley/Viet Nam vet is already spreading word of your candicacy all over the country. There will be no stopping you. And I would really like to be Secretary of the Interior during the Leiter presidency.

Hope your turn to the south sees some north winds at your back.

Keep them going round and be safe.


Paul said...

TW Today I've had some sweet tailwinds and some okay cross winds. The blog will tell you about the bug war! It's still a great journey and am enjoying it. Paul Met a guy who has spent most of adult life in Europe. He lives at tree line in the Alps and has to ski to get home. Of course he teles! Woohoo! Still Paul