Monday, August 27, 2007

Black River Falls

Howdy, grab a cup of coffee and sit back because this could take a while. Yesterday on the way in to Black River Falls I stopped and asked a couple guys about camping in Black River or Sparta. Actually there was a campground right there, but it said no one under 18. Oh wait, I'm over 18. Turns out it was clothing optional depending on what party he had scheduled. So knowing how Ann would react I opted to move on. ;>) I don't live by the saying 'what goes on in Black Water, stays in Black Water'. So I stopped at a motel and asked them what they had, but wanted to camp so went to the campground which was a real nice state park with nice facilities. In fact, I wasn't even going to put the rain fly on as it just makes the tent hotter inside. But then I thought that if it did, by some odd chance rain, then I would be hustling to get it on, so I put it on. It was so nice outside I even started a fire and sat and read by it.

Then about 4 am a hear a little rumble some distance off and think, smart move Paul, but since I put the fly on it will just blow over. It started getting louder and louder and still no rain so am thinking maybe I'll luck out. Yeah, right! Then the rain started and I fell back asleep several times in between the lightning blinding me and the thunder deafening me. But hey, the tent was keeping me dry so after it got light I just started reading, and reading, and then read some more. Under the trees even after the rain stopped I was getting dripped on pretty heavily. Then I decided that the water was starting to seep in under the tent so I bailed.

So I'm now back at the motel I stopped at last night and have to go back and dry everything out! And it was predicted to be so nice! So now they are calling for more rain tonight so I feel I made a good move. I walked in and told the guy, "don't even say it!" and then paid for the room. We had a good laugh over it. Tomorrow is supposed to be better. So will see how it goes.

I really like Wisconsin and may think about a trip up through and around Lake Superior, are you listening Tom Luvtheteleturn? It's a pretty state, but wet! ;>) I need to walk to Wal Mart and get more ibuprofen for the tendon so today will be busy as drying everything out is such a pain in the butt. The Lake SUperior trip may be on the Merlin if it's as hilly as Tom said. So wish Ann had some of this rain to help relieve her of all the watering she's doing. That's all for now so it's onward and hope to stay drier. Paul


MediaP said...

Hi Paul,
Glad to hear you are avoiding the flooding while staying on your best behavior! I hadn't checked in until've traveled a fur piece. I look forward to the live account.
Stay safe. Protect your tendon. Avoid clothesless tourists. Continue the adventure.

Peggy Sattler

Mike A Schwab said...

They have had some flooding even over to Chicago. Options to consider is the Milwakee ferry to Michigan 6am 1230pm 7pm, or use the Milwakee to Chicago to Gary trails and roads near Lake Michigan.

Jay's Dad said...

Hi Paul:

I posted a thread on the Bike Journal site, and asked members to offer you support and encouragement. I hope you don't mind.

It sounds like you are having entirely too much fun with your clothes on.

Jay's Dad (Pop)

Stay well and safe on your adventure.

Cincinnati Burger Guys said...


Since I'm not sure of your route, below are two links for clothing-optional campgrounds in michigan

clarke said...

Paul, Send that rain down here, I'd
gladly sleep in it. Your yard-front-
looks pretty good. Wait till you get the water bill. We are going to have new pavement on our street soon-this year.Enjoy ALL scenery.
Ride safe.