Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Williston, ND...finally

Howdy one and all. Yesterday after departing the library the bank thermometer read 101 and it felt like it was reading a little low! Then later when I went looking for a phone it was still 101, but after the call it cooled off to 100! What a releif! Then a storm came in and had very little rain, but a strong wind which cooled everything off and today it was overcast all day with temps about 88 and a tailwind! Woohoo!

A family of 4 from Corbitt, OR., where I had spent a night at a campgroung early on, pulled in to the park and we had a nice time discussing our trips, etc. Yes, Kent I still manage to talk to people along the way. The knats, is that the correct spelling for the pesky little critters that are bad as skeeters, but can't bite? It's probably nats, but then who really cares. The park guests were telling me about Fort Bufort, which they found to be interesting so I thought I might drop down and take a look. So when I got to the road to the fort I stopped and was contemplating whether to go or not and a Harley dude rides up and he has on a Vietnam vest and long ponytail. So being the shy introverted person that I am I said something to him. He shuts the bike down and we talked for a while. He said the fort was worth stopping at and since he was also a Marine, I knew the info was correct. ;>) So off I went on a pretty ride through the hills of N. Dakota. The fort was okay and I walked around and joined in a tour that I don't think I paid for, but hey I'm just a dumb tourist who's lost. It looked like rain so off I went and did manage to get a few drops to cool me off.

I stopped at a little store and went in to make sure I was on the right route to get me back to route 2 and the owner wants to check out the bike so we went outside and talked about it for a while. So he takes me back inside and he gives me a hot dog with kraut and some hangover soup. The soup in macaroni and buffalo and it was good. Then a friend of his comes in and we sat there and drank ice tea and talked for half hour or so. There is a lot of oil around there and they are pumping like crazy and drilling more wells. Also turns ou that the Harley guy was his brother in law. It's moments like that that make the trip a great time. So now I'm in Williston and I'm going to check out the city park, but will probably opt for a motel room so I can shower and veg out. So my 45 mile short day turned in to a 60 mile about average ride. I'm tired and could still use a day off, but am hoping to get to Minot in two more days and take it there. I need to get a new air mattress as my twenty some year old mattress has 7 of it's original 9 tubes left as I'm losing about one a day lately. It's more tired than me! Enough rambling as I need to go find a shower! East bound and down and I just keep on rolling! Todd, look at the comments from yesterday as I answered your question. For people who leave comments, I answer them and that appears as another comment. Until next time. Peace and missing you all. Paul

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