Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warren, IL

Howdy! Yep, one more state under my belt as I entered Illinois a short distance back and am taking a break at the library. Today is a beautiful day, but the hills are plentiful! There are a lot of dairy farms and everyone is busy in the fields. Me, I'm just busy being me and that's a full time vocation.

I stayed at Gov. Dodge State Park and it was nice, but I didn't sleep very well as I was awake at 12:30 and read for several hours and then just laid there until I finally fell asleep around 4. I'm going to try and camp tonight and then I'll probably have to motel it since all the campgrounds are full for the Labor Day weekend. I may be able to camp in some city parks. Out west you can camp in most of them for free, but here in the east if they allow it they charge you. Not much so it isn't too bad.

Tomorrow I should be back on the ACA route so that will be nice. I have really enjoyed riding in Wisconsin even though it is fairly hilly, and some of them were long. I tried to explain what a ceasar salad was at a McDonalds today as I ordered one and it was a regular salad, but it fell on deaf ears. But I was tired so I didn't grab the manager and try to get it to sink in. Just kidding, I think. Stood outside and talked to a guy about bents for quite a while as he is very interested in getting one. He even went on Barcroft's website last night so was happy to see one.

If anyone is thinking about getting a tracfone, save your money and just buy a megaphone! I figure if I had a megaphone I could yell loud enough for most of you to hear me. ;>) The coverage is pretty lousy. I'm not sure if it's the phone or the service, but either way I have very little service. I almost tossed it in the garbage this morning, but thought better of it. That's all from here so take care and I'm getting closer! Woohoo! Peace Paul

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Keep up the great work. It's been a real blast following your progress. What is your eta for OH? If you don't want to post here, maybe ask Ann to give me a call.