Monday, July 30, 2007

Saint Mary, MT

Howdy Two days in a row! Don't get excited as Bruce and Jane leave tomorrow and they're taking their computer with them. Oh well. The fire stopped us from going over Marias Pass so I was up at 4:30 and on the road around 5:30 so as to get to Logan Pass by 11 am as they give tickets if you're on that road after 11. I made it by 10 or so. It was a steady climb and I then went down the Eastern side and it was beautiful also. Kent, Scott, Bruce, and I rode the western appraoch about 7 years ago, but stayed on the western side. Truely a very scenic and beautiful area of our country.

Tomorrow Bruce will ride with me for another day since I'm not getting up at 4:30. ;>) But after they head back to Colorado that may be my schedule to get up very early and ride until early to mid afternoon and then find shelter until the heat passes and then ride some more. Time will tell how that works out. Hot again today but not quite as hot as yesterday. Have to go in and check the fire situation as the one close to us has jumped from 1,000 acres to 5,000 acres! Scary stuff and I don't want to ride through a bunch of smoke.

Went swimming in the St Mary River as it runs right past our campsite. So that's today's update. You probably won't here anymore from me until Ann gets home Thursday night. About 1400 miles down and approximately 2100 to go. Goodnight as I'm hungry and Jane is cooking dinner. It's been a great trip so far. Paul


tvermilya said...


Glad to hear that you found a way around the fire. On the way west, Dad & I saw two fires; the 1st near Rapid City, SD and the 2nd south of Flathead Lake, Mt. Everything is so dry and everywhere that we have traveled has been "off the chart" for fire danger. Tonight we are in CO heading east of OH. Hope that you continue to have great adventure.


Paul said...

Toddman The fire below Miras Pass forced me over Going to the Sun Road. It's so dry all over the west so I think I'm good....for the moment. Hope you and your Dad had a good time and that the trip was relaxing. Paul