Monday, August 6, 2007

Wolf Point, MT

Greetings from Wolf Point, home of the tail wind. What a nice fast day as I covered 50 miles before noon and was going to continue on to Poplar, but a lady here at Wolf Point told me not to go there as they only have one motel and it's terrible, so what to do. I think I'll hole up here as I have laundry to do also. I'm in Fort Bec Indian Reservation and it's rather warm.

Clyde left this morning as he decided to head to Sturgis to see the Harleys and he wants his picture taken with a topless harley woman to send to his friends. He complained about the noise the bikes make and now he wants to go get in the middle of half a million of them. Go figure. He was a very interesting character and shared many stories. A true bike tourer. Met a recent college grad who is heading west looking to see what he wants to do.

Tomorrow I'll be in North Dakota and it seems like I've been in Montana for a long time, and I guess I have. It rained over night so I need to dry the tent out tonight. I think I may have to get a new air mattress as the patch didn't work too well. It's very old and tired. I'm picking up new tires in Minot and Ann is sending me some supplies there also, but I may be there a day before her shipment gets there so it may be a rest day there as I haven't had a rest day for well over a week. I'm feeling good and still enjoying the ride, especially with the tail wind. If the wind shifts it may be a whole new story, and since I'll do 90 miles tomorrow, I'm hoping the tailwind stays! Later, Paul.


luvtheteleturn said...

Hey Paul:

Just signed up for the Google Blog service, so now I can harass you everyday(just kidding of course, I would never, never do that....). I have been following your postings and it sounds like quite the adventure. Ran across Jay a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning ride. We talked about the trip you were doing and both of us agreed this should be your campaign trip to run for President. We always thought you should go into local politics since you seem to know everyone in our area. But now that you are on the road and meeting all sorts of people, why not go for the big one. I certainly would vote for you.

Keep the news coming, it is great fun following your adventure.


Paul said...


I don't have too many ambitions polically, unless the bribes were huge enough to retire comfortably! Am having a great time, but have to admit that I'm tired tonight after a cross headwind all day. Glad you are enjoying the blog. We all need to get together after I get home and I'll tell you guys all about it. It is an adventure. I really miss Ann, but I've been on the road for a month and it sure doesn't seem that long. Even Montana isn't bad, but I wouldn't want to live here. Paul