Sunday, May 17, 2009

A nice ride

Howdy, I had a nice ride today and started in Orgonia and rode some old roads and some new ones. I had found this one road the other day that was really pretty, but it didn't start until riding forty some miles from home, which is the reason I drove to the start. I'll have to admit that I got lost, or should I say I was just misplaced as I knew where I was in relation to the bike trail. I ended up riding the route I had planned on riding only rode it in reverse. What I thought was New Burlington Road was not really New Burlington Road. Now I know and it was a nice ride through rolling and flat farm land.

I've been getting some good miles and good climbing in and getting about 160 miles a week with significant climbing so I should be ready for Laguna Beach. The foam was working the other day, but not today that I noticed. It takes more than 54 miles to get foaming though. Today was a really nice day and I fought headwinds the first 20 or so miles, but hey, that builds character! It would have been a little easier on the bent so maybe next ride. Later. Paul

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Feeling good, but still need to lose some weight

Howdy, I've been hitting the hills and feel pretty good. I'm heading out tomorrow for at least an 80 miler, but am hoping for a century. I'll be on the Merlin since that is what I'll be riding in California. Not the Merlin, but a regular bike. I still need to lose some more weight, but the best way to lose that weight is a XC bike trip! However, I think that long of a trip is done and gone. That was a long time to be gone from home according to Ann and I have a tendency to agree with her. The California trip is fast approaching and I have to admit that I'm looking forward to it. More just to ride with my friends, but also just to test myself since it will be long and hard miles every day for five days. The Peckerheads ride again! It would be nice if all the Peckerheads were there, but a couple of them just aren't riding like they used to.

I took Ann to the bike shop today and I think I'll end up buying her a comfort bike as I think she'll be more comfortable on that than converting her Salsa to a comfort bike. I've found a really nice bike shop close to here, Cycle Sport, since they changed ownership and are now customer friendly. Plus they have top notch mechanics who are also bike geeks. So that's it for now as it's time to hit the sack as I'm planning on being up and on the road by 6:30. Later. Peace to all. Paul