Sunday, August 19, 2007

Long Prairie, MN

With some help from his new friends at the Otter Supper Club & Lounge, Paul found a new route south so he wouldn’t have to backtrack and could cut off some miles to get back on track. He rode on mostly back roads today so traffic was not nearly as bad as yesterday, but it rained most of the 66 miles and there were headwinds. Pretty tough riding weather. It was a lonely day too, as other bikers were not out in the elements. But he left the flies behind.

As he came into Long Prairie, MN, he stopped at the first convenience store for directions to a motel. The clerk laughed at the sight of him and asked if he was having fun yet. Paul answered that he always had fun but admitted he was cold, soaked to the skin and miserable at the moment. He is still bemoaning lightening his load by sending his wool sweater and arm & leg warmers with Bruce, but he certainly has learned his lesson from that mistake! The Budget Host Inn has a garage which is housing Paul’s bike for the night; they were grateful he asked for rags to wipe down the bike rather than using the good room towels. Minnesota has had 8 inches of rain in the last couple of days so there is some flooding that Paul may have to contend with in the days ahead. He thinks rain continues to be in the forecast as well. Ann


Scott T. said...

I have to admit that I haven't read the blog in weeks. MN!! Wow!! You are booking. What an adventure. Thanks for sharing your jouney with us. Keep safe DQ Man. Scott Torrison

Bruce B. said...

Hey Paul:
You can have the sweater back if you swing down here and get it. Stay dry.

Have you found any place better than the Libby Cabins?

Jay said...

Buy some stuff! Wool sweaters cheeep at Wal-Mart!


Bruce B. said...

Hey Paul:
this is the web site for that book:
The book was titled The Ambused Grand Jury by Wes Mckinley

Stay dry and keep cranking,

Kent said...


Nothing like a good rain ride!

I'm glad those 'Talking-to-Strangers' pointers have been paying off.

Keep on crankin'. You still continue to inspire.


luvtheteleturn said...

Hi Paul:

Have to agree with Kent, nothing like a rain ride, even though there is nothing good about them in my book....Just think about all the character they build, and since you are already quite a character, you should be world famous after this adventure.

It appears that pesky tropical storm Erin is the culprit of the weather in this area. We have flood warnings here. At least the rain gear is doing the job.

Keep the faith, you are making incredible headway. And what stories you will have to share.

Hope the sun comes out and the wind is at your back. Keep safe.


Paul said...

Jaybone, yesi can buy the stuff at WalMart, but first I have to find a Wal Mart! I'm not going to freeze!