Sunday, August 12, 2007

Knox, ND

Paul had a good day – 83 miles to Bill Nix’s home with mostly cross headwinds and rested legs. It was cooler – 43 degrees this morning - which required a jacket. (Note: Tomorrow will be Cincinnati’s 15th day in a row in the 90s which will set a record – and it is to remain the same at least through Thursday. Please bring rain and cooler temperatures home with you!) He met three men in Minot riding back to their homes in Green Bay; they were taking turns sagging for the others. Paul has enjoyed the Nix’s hospitality this afternoon/evening – lots of good conversation discussing the state of the U.S. and world! And he is looking forward to bedding down in the bunkhouse tonight. Tomorrow he starts heading south/southeast towards Fargo. Ann


clarke said...

Paul, Hot or not Hot you need to buy Ann a new lawn mower. Don't be so cheap!! Send her the money now!
It will eventually rain and the grass will grow. Ride safe. Clarke

Rob said...


They've given us another cable installation job at POP. You can get out of it- just take your time!! How about a nice side trip to Hudson Bay?

Be careful and don't overdo it. Rob

Paul said...

Clarke, the sparkplug just needs cleaned as it carbons up. Easy fix, but maybe I'll buy her a new one. Paul

Rob, I hope you get it run without me as I'm indisposed! haveing a great time.