Saturday, August 25, 2007

Augusta, WI

Greetings from Augusta, WI I was passing through town and found the library so thougth I would post a new message. I'm heading a little farther on route 12 and hit an RV park for the night. My achilles tendon is pretty sore so I've been nursing it along and just took my last ibuprofen so need to stop and get some more while in town here.

I stopped at Eau Claire and picked up the proper tubes and the guy at the bike shop just traded me, which I thought was pretty cool, but he wouldn't trade the tire, which I could understand. So now will fix the front leak. I'll have about 60 or 65 miles in today so will still be a respectable day and will probably do a lot of ankle massaging tonight. The PH pride was just a little too strong on that hill out of Stillwater!

I started out this morning thinking I was going to get wet so I really pushed it to Eau Claire and that didn't help the tendon and then the sun came out and it's a beautiful day! Of course while I was ring through Eau Claire on a 6 laner some guy sticks his head out the window and is telling me I'm causing an accident so I told him I didn't see one and to get on a freeway. I was riding near the curb, but they kept squeezing between me the other lane so I took the lane. I tried to catch back up to him at the light to ask him where he was going in such a hurry, but he rolled the window up and took off. Oh well. He really needed to chill and just relax and enjoy the beautiful day! Plus, I had my pepper spray ready! ;>)

Just went over 2600 miles and getting closer to home. For those who know Tim Creamer from Athens, he just finished Paris-Brest-Paris and Tom said that he thought he did it in the allotted 90 hours! Quite a feat, but then he is a real animal on the bike! Congrats to him! So I'm off to the grocery and then to the RV park and dry the tent and tent fly as it gets wet at night. Later. Paul

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