Friday, August 10, 2007

Minot, ND

Today's 75 miles may have been flatter, but the head winds were ferocious. Paul said they were by far the worst of the trip; even the cattails were blown horizontal. During the headwinds, best speed was 9.6 miles/hr but once Paul turned north on Rt 83, speed drastically picked up to a more normal 16-22. Taken together, average for the day was 10.5 m/hr accomplished in a little over 7 hours.

Paul really lucked out by riding between the severe storms that hit North Dakota today. He did put on his rain jacket for a little while, especially as the skies turned black. But the streaking lightning was to the southeast and there was just a touch of rain. He met an interesting couple who were riding Harleys during his lunch stop at a convenience store; they had ridden through hail and hard rain. The woman was quite the trooper – she was drivng her own motorcycle although she had lost a leg awhile back after being hit by a drunk driver. She had a knee replacement last year on the other leg but was back on the road. What a woman!

At a rest stop, Paul met Bill Nix who lives 75 miles east of Minot and opens his bunkhouse to bicyclists that are going cross country on their own. They had a nice visit and Paul may take him up on that generous offer in a few days.

As for now, Paul is in Minot and planning a day off tomorrow to rest his tired legs and do some shopping (new air mattress). He’ll also be looking for the library so hopefully will be able to add to the blog tomorrow. Tonight, he’s headed to the Dairy Queen located behind the motel. Isn’t it interesting how he’s able to find them? Ann


Peckerhead Estrogen said...

Impressive mileage. We are such slackers back here in OH. Wondering if your body is totally ematiated or buffed. Keep safe.

Paul said...

PH est!

Totally buffed, not really, but I think I'm losing some weight and the legs are fairly toned. Sounds like you guys are a little hotter than I am. I'm feeling pretty good and needed the day off to shop and veg out. Still having a good time after a month on the road.