Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, Paul continued on to Page, ND, yesterday after his mid-day stop in Cooperstown. Page really is a small town! He stayed in a one room motel (used to have two motel rooms, but it is now owned by the bank and they leased one of the rooms for an insurance business). The room had 2 beds and a TV, no a/c (but he didn’t need) and no phone. But he was able to do his laundry in the sink and take a shower (both badly needed) as well as get away from the mosquitos. This morning he had breakfast in a small cafĂ© on the main street which was divided by a yellow line. He watched in amazement as first a truck and then 5-6 cars parked on that yellow line in the middle of the road. The other (minimal) traffic drove between the middle of the road and the storefronts to avoid the parked cars. Friendly people though.

Today, he had a nice 72 mile ride because of minimal wind. And he passed into Minnesota so is one state closer to home! Of course he celebrated by having a milkshake at a Dairy Queen. (I need to buy stock.) He is camping this evening at the Buffalo River State Park which has a nice swimming pond. Life is good. Ann


Rob said...


Didn't anyone tell you? The good citizens of Page parked in the middle of the street in your honor.

Keep up the good work. Rob

Bruce B. said...

Hey Paul,
We got all of the windows in and I didn't lose any more of my fingers!

Bob, Luke and I are riding the Crest Trail and the Hartman's the weekend after next.

You only have another 1,000 miles to go. Hang in there.