Friday, August 17, 2007

Pelican Rapids, Minnesoooota

Hi again from the cool state of Minnesooota. After sending my wool sweater, arm, and leg warmers home with Bruce I about froze to death last night at the campground. Am planning on staying at the city park here at Pelican Rapids, but if the rooms are cheap I may grab a room. I'll check the weather and make the final call. Only 44 miles today as my legs are tired. I was going to go 70 some, but that's not going to happen today, maybe tomorrrow. Time will tell. It's beem cool all day, but doesn't look like rain, although it's cloudy. Started passing a lot of lakes and the countryside is pretty and am still enjoying the ride, although today the roads were rough and there was a long section during the rough stuff that the trucks were thick and fast as there was a very busy gravel pit in the area. Was glad when I saw the road they were turning on to.

Stopped to get a candy bar (too cold for a DQ) and talked to two couples who were just amazed that I'm doing this. They asked me my goal and I told them to get home alive! ;>) That was after all the trucks. One nice thing about the cool weather is that the mosquitoes will be slower, hopefully. SO that's about all the news from here so take care everyone and hopefully will see everyone when I get home. Peace Paul

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Jay said...

You've been so great about leaving your blog posts that I feel like we're right there with you. Except for the mosquitos, semi-trucks, dysfunctional air mattresses, one room no-tell motels and all the rest! :)