Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of the prettiest rides ever

The “very pleasant ride” today consisted of 75 miles of almost all uphill climbing along the Lochsa River. Pacing themselves at an average, consistent 12.5 mi/hr up the long, steady climb, Paul and Bruce enjoyed the beauties of the river, seeing lots of ducks and other wildlife. Although the temperature was still in the 90s, it seemed cooler during much of the ride, and Paul proclaimed that this was “one of the prettiest rides” he had ever done.

Paul had great compliments for Jane, who gets to the night’s campground ahead of the two riders and picks out great campsites (along with doing the grocery shopping). Tonight, they are in Powell Junction, ID, camped down by the river. Once again, the river provided rejuvenation after a full day of riding – both to bodies and clothing. As they started preparing their dinner, they overheard the manager tell another camper that there was going to be a wedding at the campground this evening. So, it should be an interesting last night in Idaho. Tomorrow, they are headed to Missoula, Montana and Paul will be updating the blog as he is able for the next week. Ann

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clarke said...

paul, I following you. I thought you were roughing it--whats this
sag wagon helping you. I know you are having fun. In Missoula is there the tallest smoke stack-Anaconda, MT.
I found a new bike, just like my
old one. Ride safe. Clarke