Thursday, July 26, 2007


Morning all It's a sunny morning and we're getting ready to head to ACA to get a couple of maps to get me close to Ohio and then I'll fumble my way to Loveland. I don't think I'll have trouble finding my way to Ann. She headed to Canada so there will only be postings for the next week when I get to a library, or Bruce has stumbled on to some wi fi spot. Later folks and keep us in your prayers and good thoughts. The traffic has been pretty good and we keep flowing along on beautiful routes. Then a 44 mile ride to Salmon Lake and a layover day possibly. That will lead to an 85 mile day Saturday. When we hit glacier we'll climb the East side of Going to the Sun Road as we rode the west side on a previous trip. Later, as Bruce wants to get moving. Paul, the wanderer.


clarke said...

Paul, the tour is all mixed up now after yesterdays dismissal of the leader-Rassmussen-by his team.
Team Discovery is in the yellow jersey.
Contador(24 yr old Spaniard) leads,
Evans#2, Leipheimer#3.The 3 are with in 2 min. of each other.
Ride safe. I found another
bike just like mine very new.Clarke

tvermilya said...


Dad and I traveled east to west on The Going to the Sun Road today (7/26) and there were a number of cyclist w/ some touring group. East side is a good choice as the west side has construction. Tonight we are in Kalispell and will leave for Yellowstone in the morning.


Paul said...

Todd It's the 28th an we are in Bigfork and will hit Glacier tomorrow. hope the fish are hitting for you, although in the grand scheme of things, does it matter? Have fun, I am!