Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bigfork, MT

Greetings to all who venture on this site

Today is a rest day and after yesterday's 92 miles and over 3000 feet of climbing and not finding Jane at the campground we were beat. Found her as she had gone to a different campground as there was no room at the Inn. I turned over 1000 miles yesterday and I've been on the road for 19 days, which just blows me away at times. It's actually been going well, but sure will be different in a few days when I have to fill BOB back up and haul all that stuff around again. Oh well, that's the journey. Have seen quite a few riders going east, but none headed west. And after the Columbia River Gorge, am glad to be going east.

I get bits and pieces about the Tour and am amazed that after all the crap about doping, that Rasmussen goes and gets fired for doping! What the heck are these guys thinking? I guess the winning is that important to some folks. My win will be getting home to Ann and my friends and neighbors. Life is good so go out and enjoy it while you can. This is an adventure that I will cherish for a long time to come and it has been a long time coming. It's tough and fun and interesting and aggravating and educational all in one. And hey, I'm getting a good tan! It's been warm......okay hot! Looking for a swimming hole this afternoon. Sounds like my good neighbors are looking out for Ann while I'm gone so that is really appreciated and my church family, keep me in your prayers as the next couple days will be hard traffic wise as we get near Glacier Park. I may need some chello!!

Have seen several deer, but the bears are not coming out to play so that's good, I guess, but I would like to see one or two. Toby, Bruce's dog, just don't tell him I called him a dog, is fun to play with and is a good dog. I guess I better close and get out of here as I'm at the library in Bigfork. Got an email from Ann and they are having fun in Canada. Don't know when the next post will be from me, but until then live life!

Kent, I stopped at ACA and bought two more NT maps as I may cut out the Michigan portion. Any chance that you can join me on part of the trip? I'd have to figure a place to meet as I get closer to home. Paul

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clarke said...

Contador wins the tour, evans is second and leiphimer 3rd by 31sec's.discovery team won the team
championship, again. I read were the fire is out now. Isn't Glacier
beautiful, that's where I went on my MC. I'm taking good care of the birds. The weather in Ashland this past weekend was rough
thunder lightn, rain, they needed it. the house on Timber trail finally sold. Ride safe. Clarke