Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yesterday's update

Well, Paul & the Burreys had “no service” on the cell phones yesterday so I didn’t get an update last night. However, Paul found a landline this morning. They covered 70 miles in 94 degree heat, with 3000 feet of climbing. Much of the ride was along the Clearwater River and through forests. The wild blackberry vines continue to entice. Paul saved about a quart of yesterday's pickings for breakfast today.

With most of his “stuff” in the car with Jane, Paul had room in the bob trailer to pick up an inner tube that he found along the road. So when they stopped for the night at the campground in Syringa, ID, they were able to frolick and tube in the river. Paul used the river as his bathtub and for laundry – no soap, but at least the sweat and dirt washed away with the current. After he was done playing, Paul gave the tube to a man on the beach that was vacationing with his grandkids. Hope they enjoy it as much as Paul & Bruce did!

Paul is also enjoying Idaho huckleberries. Pat Welch served him huckleberry pie when he was in Moscow, and he had huckleberry ice cream last night as he visited with Art, an 85 year old who lives behind the campground. With over 700 miles behind him, Paul reports that his body is tired but still functioning. He certainly is enjoying the Burreys’ company and sharing the cooking. There is no way they will make Kalispell by Thursday Todd – so you’ll have to swap stories when everyone gets back home. Ann

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Adam said...

We are enjoying reading your adventures. Hope your travels continue well.