Sunday, July 29, 2007

West Glacier


We're at West Glacier at a campground after a pretty easy 54 miles. There was a section of about 2 miles that I would not ride again as I would rather ride with the traffic . The fire has flared up near Marias Pass so traffic is being held up with a pilot car taking them through so am not too sure what we are going to do. Have to find out more information. Met a local guy who was riding a bike that he built and it was very nice with some nice lug work. He had made bikes for his son who on the Olympic team a few years back. He warned me to be very cautious when riding through the Indian Reservations as there are a lot of drunk drivers during all hours of the day and night.

Tomorrow is going to be the hardest day of the trip so that will be interesting especially with the fire flaring back up. I need to go do laundry as this is trip is a lot of work also as the bike needs cleaned after all the dust of the washboard road. Plus another marg is in order. Later. Paul


Cincinnati Burger Guys said...

Since you were admiring the lug work on the home-made bike, I guess that means you didn't find any cello in the park. Well, guess that means we'll have to save you some for your return. On second thought ... that's a maybe! ha ha ...

Too bad you haven't been able to post pics.

You're still in the mountains, but at what point does the long ride across the plains start?

tvermilya said...


Sorry that we missed meeting you for dinner. The day that you were heading to Glacier, we were heading south. Saw two guys riding recumbents; looked hard to see if it was you. Enjoy the mountain, the plains seem to go forever.


Paul said...

No, but I did find a bottle of Cuervo!