Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20

Howdy A day off and I'm lounging around the house after a trip to the bike shop for a new set of brake pads as I wasn't thinking and only brought one set with me. After climbing the Spiral Hwy out of Clarkston to Moscow I think I'll need to stop several times on the way down to cool the rims. I know I could set a new speed record if I didn't ride the brakes on the way down, but it is very curvy. And you guys know how well I like my downhills. It was ten miles of steady climbing at a fairly steep grade with no let up. I don't know if you other PH's would have made it! ;-) To think that it was the main highway until they built the new 95 is a scary thought and I doubt that I would have ridden it then. The day off is nice and I'll probably leave tomorrow and make it two days to meet Bruce in Winchester as it will be over 70 miles with some major climbing involved. Then nine to ten days of riding with Bruce with a lot of climbing and about 65 miles a day. I'm glad to be in Idaho as the wheat fields were getting old. I'm sure eastern Montana and North Dakota won't be as scenic either, but they all have their beauty...or so I hope. Dave and Pat have been treating me in grand style and the food is fantastic. Just finished huckleberry pie with ice cream. That's all for now so later. Sounds like the watermelon chello turned out nicely and will be anxious to try some when I get back home Frank. Paul


Bruce B. said...

What! "a lot of climbing..."!!! I thought it was going to be cruiser stuff! See you on Sunday.

Jay said...

I've been reading the blog regularly, Peckerhead! You sound like you're doing great and really enjoying yourself. And yes, Eastern Montana is just a little flattish. :) Curious, what route will you take through MT? Will you go through the northern part of the state? Missoula? Kalispell? Glacier?