Saturday, July 14, 2007

Biking the Columbia Gorge along the Hood River today brought lots of climbing over 70 miles of “beautiful” terrain. Paul watched the wind surfers over the river and enjoyed breathtaking cascading waterfalls during pleasant morning temperatures. He also encountered lots of wild turkeys. He stopped at a campground to wash his fruit for lunch, recharge his camera battery and met the people there (he doesn’t know a stranger!). After lunch, he had 13.5 miles on the Interstate before getting back on a more bike friendly road. He is thankful he is biking west to east as he had a tailwind most of the day. The afternoon was hot as has been the pattern. When he spotted a dead rattlesnake and could not find an established campground, Paul decided this was probably not the best place to pitch a tent on his own. So he’s recuperating from a hard, but good day at the Motel 6 in The Dalles, OR – headed to the pool and then to dinner. Ann

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Jay said...

It might be an interesting exercise to keep a count of the number of strangers Paul dines with over the course of the trip.

I always said he should run for Ashland County Commissioner, but who knew he'd take it national?

Good luck Possum! We're keeping tabs.