Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18


I'm pretty tired so if this sounds a little rambly that's why. It's hot and sunny and I'M HUNGRY! But I was going by the library and then to the food. They are busy harvesting wheat as that is about all you see for miles and miles.

Tomorrow I'll be in Idaho and will take a couple of days off until I meet Bruce and Jane on Sunday. Will stop and see Dave and Pat tomorrow and that is where I'm resting until Sunday morning. I climb Spiral Hwy tomorrow and just the name instills climbing fear. I climbed a hill the other day that I had to criss cross the road at the top to make it up, but I made it up. The BOB is heavy

I've got 60 some miles in today and I'm ready to stop. I think I can camp in the park so am going to go check in with the Sheriff to see if it's okay. At this point I'll take about anyplace I can pitch a tent. A shower would be nice too....for everyone! I stopped and talked to a guy who had a 'Semper Fi' sticker on his truck and I needed a break so we talked about the Marines for a short while and I was on my way again.

So tomorrow is a new state and it's onward and eastward and northward and eastward again. Life is good. And the winds have been mostly tailwinds which adds to the niceness. Later.

Peace Paul


Cincinnati Burger Guys said...

Yo Cello Man,

Sounds like all is going well, especially considering the heat. Besides, you're enjoying yourself at this point. Keep it up!

Meloncello is done. Sweeter than the others (probably due to the sugar in the melon itself), but it has a definite melon taste. The oddity being it is the same color as the lemon, lime, and orange!

Ann has been a faithful reporter for you, but why hasn't she said she misses you yet? ha ha ...

Be safe & press on.

Paul said...

hmmmmm good point and one I'll have to ask her about. I know I really miss her.