Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16


It's me and I'm in Umatila, OR after leaving Washington for a day or two. It's really hot and dry and I'm thinking of adding a portable air conditioner to the tent. I was going to take a day off here, but after an 85 mile day yesterday I only rode about 35 today so will push on as there isn't much to do here, but hey, they have a library so life is still pretty good. Had another flat this time on the front from road debris so patched that puppy and headed out. I'm not too sure why anyone would live in this area, so not much chance of us moving out here.

The adventure is still interesting and pretty darn cool (not temp wise) so enjoying myself. Hey Sloaner, don't ride out here as you would not like the heat, although I've seen a couple tandems the first few days. Have seen some local riders around here, but no other idiots. ;-).

The first day was a little apprehensive as I thought about why I was out here, but now that I'm in to it it's a lot of fun, but if you guys ever do it, go with someone. I don't mind riding by myself and believe it or not, I'm meeting some people. ;-))) But evenings are a little boring, but then as soon as it gets dark I'm asleep. I think I'll head out early in the morning and not take a day off until I hit Moscow, Idaho as there is just a lot of desert in this area. Bruce, you were right! Traffic has been pretty good so far with just the normal amount of jerks.

Was going to take a day off at the campground yesterday, but they were having an Indian Pow wow and the local windsurfers suggested I move on and after a kid wouldn't leave my bike alone I was out of there...after finishing the water melon the surfers gave me. That made for a long day, but I didn't feel comfortable there.

So I'm headed back to the campsite and protect my belongings....after stopping at the ice cream place....they don't call me the possum for nothing! Later dudes and dudettes. Nancy, there are some tri-geeks out here. Am really looking forward to Idaho and western Glacier. Jaybone, I can't find the strangers! I'm tired so I hope this makes some sense.

Peace Paul Keep me in your prayers for a safe trip.

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