Friday, July 13, 2007

The food remained out of the squirrel’s reach and Paul slept well last night despite (or because of?) a thunderstorm. With an early start, the temperature was cooler for the morning ride to Portland. Lunch stop was near the airport where Paul enjoyed watching the planes while cooking macaroni & cheese. He then hooked up with two local bikers that rode with him to Troutdale. Afternoon miles were done again in the heat. A kid originally from Mt. Vernon, OH (small world!) sold Paul an ice cream sandwich during the afternoon break. After a relatively short day – 53 miles – he stopped to camp at a small RV park in Corbett, OR. Located along a gorge above the Hood River and with shower facilities and a laundromat, this site permitted both body and clothes to be cleansed. Paul is enjoying the nice breeze and is expecting a pleasant evening meeting the other campers. Ann

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Kent said...

Hey Possum! Have you met anyone from Oregon yet?!
Watch for Tom Gano from Shenandoah,Ohio. I know he's out there somewhere along the same route.
I'm enjoying the daily updates, keep 'em coming.
Keep the rubber side down.