Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25

Greetings from Montana!

I'm in Missoula at Adventure Cycling Hqrts eating ice cream and getting my picture taken. The guy in Milford who told me I had a 100 mile climb to Lolo Pass was telling the truth! But it was a decent climb and nice downhill in to Missoula. The ride was beautiful again today and still having fun. It's going to be a little lonely when Bruce and Jane leave and the long plains start, but somehow I will pedal through that are as well. I haven't seen Todd fishing anywhere yet. Will start heading north to Glacier in the morning after buying some new maps here. I need to get to a laundry tonight, plus we're staying in a motel tonight! Is life good or what?! Later. Paul


Jay said...

Well Paul, you're in my home away from home and close by all of my extended family. If you and Bruce get a chance, head downtown on Higgins and have a beer at the Oxford -- rated one of the 100 greatest townie bars in America. Enjoy the ride to Glacier and Kalispell. Make sure you ride Going to the Sun if you can. It's worth every pedal stroke. Jay

Paul said...

Jaybone Sorry, but no beer this morning, only maps and gas for my stove. Having a grand time and it sure is interesting. Later Paul