Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome Bruce & Jane!

Paul had another hot, hard ride today – total of 47 miles with one of the highlights being a steep 8 mile climb to break the monotony of miles and miles of wheat fields. There were plenty of burned areas from the grass fires along the Snake River – which supposedly started at 13:00 on Friday, the 13th. He stopped at a bike shop and bought 2 patch kits, just to resupply and get ready for the days ahead. He also met a cyclist that had started her east to west trip with Adventure Cycling but had been on her own the last 2 weeks, having tired of the inflexibilities of an organized ride and being with the same people.

Bruce & Jane Burrey arrived this afternoon to join the adventure for the next week or so. They are all camping tonight at Winchester State Park (nice) and were headed for a steak dinner to plan the days ahead. The Burreys drove from Colorado through some of the western wildfires and saw a tornado caused by the heat of the fires. Let’s hope they’ve seen the last of the active burns! Besides the company, Paul is looking forward to putting some of his supplies in Jane’s car while he and Bruce are riding so he won’t have to haul as much for awhile. Ann


tvermilya said...


Sounds like you have had some adventure so far; but if you don't pick-up the pace I won't be able to meet you in MT. Dad & I left OH 2-days ago and should be in Kalispell by the 26th. Anyways, I hope that you are safe in your travels.


Jay said...

Enjoy Kalispell. And yes, I'm more than a bit jealous of your MT time. Have fun!