Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Warren, IN

Last night Paul camped at Fletcher Lake in Fletcher, IN. He had the campground to himself as the 7 permanent trailers were without their weekend/summer tenants. So the friendly manager gave Paul a beer and the pick of the campsites. Paul and Dick got a relatively late start (9 am) this morning as they were only going to do 42 miles, but then ended up biking 71. Paul took advantage of the sag by putting his gear in the car trunk, therefore only having to pull the empty Bob in today’s heat. With the 160 miles across Indiana completed in 2 days (the total mileage that Dick planned to ride), he and Carol headed home.

Tonight Paul is at the Huggie Bear Hotel in Warren, IN. As hot as it continues to be, even overnight, he decided to spend his last few nights in the comfort of some air conditioning. He will cross into Ohio tomorrow morning and head toward Corwin where he’ll hit the bike trail to home. He hopes to be home on Friday. The champagne and Patron are cold and waiting! Ann

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