Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Somehow Dick and Paul found each other and started the day 12-15 miles inside the Illinois border. They rode 91 miles today - the longest mileage of the trip so far - and according to Dick only missed a turn or two. Paul is at a campground which doesn't have phone service so Dick left me a message that they were okay. Not sure exactly where they are - somewhere about 75 miles east of the Illinois border, I guess! Dick thinks they will hit the Ohio border Thursday evening. Ann

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clarke said...

Paul, the township & county starts paving the streets around our area on the hill. When you get back, don't worry you are not lost. You won't recognize our neighborhood. But, you will be in the right place. You and I have the greenest yards in the neighborhood. And the highest bills. Jane looks terrible, she is covered with scabs and raw skin. And she had to take a leave from work. She is trying holistic medicine and it hasn't helped a bit. I think Steve is discussed with her approach. Clarke