Thursday, September 6, 2007

Greenville, OH!!!!!

Howdy! I crossed in to Ohio at 10 this morning and then headed south and am in Greenville at the library. Had lunch in Fort Recovery and the owner came over to talk when he brought my food and gave me a Harley bandana and picked up my meal! Is life good or what?! So I stopped at the ice cream place on the way out of town and celebrated my good fortune. ;>)Continued on and stopped in front of a house and two brothers came out and we talked for a while as they both ride quite a bit so that was fun. They even gave me a Pepsi.

I was hoping to make it a bit further today, but with the headwind and the tired legs and lack of motels down the road I'm going to stay here tonight and haul butt tomorrow and hope to still make it home tomorrow, but may not until Saturday mid day.

For those of you who own DQ stock, you may have noticed that it's gone up in value the past couple months. This is an inside trading tip, SELL! It's going to drop tomorrow or Saturday. ;>))))))

Jaybone, I've lost over 10 pounds so I hope to keep most of it off, which means not as many trips to the DQ. But, it will be nice to be back in my kitchen. Todd, it was good talking to you last night and if I decide to go on over to the east coast, I'll get you guys to get ready to go along.

Clarke, I won't skid my tires on the new pavement, but am glad that they are doing it as it was needed. Dick Cocks came over and rode with me for two days and that was fun, but they were two tough days of riding. Today was another 75 miler, so far, with head winds so the bed is going to feel good. It was cloudy most of the day so it wasn't as hot, but the legs are tired and I haven't had a day off for a while. But Sunday I'll be sitting around not doing too much. But Monday I think Ann has other plans on my sitting around. :>) Bye for now. Paul

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Bruce B. said...

Great job! I suggest taking a couple days rest and then head for th ecoast :>)