Saturday, September 1, 2007

Henry, IL

Picture is compliment of Bruce Burrey from the Idaho-Montana portion of the trip

Paul went over 3000 miles today and is now back on the ACA route. He rode almost 70 miles on a beautiful but hot (high 80s) day. The excitement of the day was when a man backed into the bike while Paul was in a restaurant for lunch. Luckily, it was not knocked over, just pushed back - so the driver lived! Paul said he was very nice and very apologetic, ready to give insurance information but Paul found absolutely no damage once he calmed down and so continued on his way.

He had just left the Dairy Queen (surprise!) in Henry when he called, where he met a friendly couple who said if they were not traveling themselves would invite Paul to stay with them, just to hear the stories. And you know he has lots of them ;>) He is camping in the Water Works (city) park tonight which is right next to a large river (Paul thinks the Illinois?). His only concern is there are lots of birds and their droppings so he's trying to find a clean spot to pitch his tent.

He expects to be at the IL-IN border in a couple days and hopefully home by the end of the week. Ann


Jay said...

You look great and best of all, happy and in your element. Curious -- have you checked your weight? I guess I just wonder if a ride like your doing would end up with you dropping weight over the long haul home. Dairy Queen notwithstanding, you're busting your ass. Jay

Rob said...

Hey Possum,

When Ann told me about your publicity shot, I was expecting more bugs in your teeth. You obviously are just leaving DQ's after refueling.

You're doing just great. Most of us could not imagine this kind of endeavor. Good luck with the Hoosiers. And just how are you getting around Chicago? Rob