Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marietta, OH

Greetings from Marietta, Ohio at Ann's folks house. I had a nice visit with Tom and cuz John even stopped by to visit. Life is good. I'm a little concerned about the climbing in West Virginia and Virginia since the climbing was so hard the last two days.

Tom had a really nice route worked out for me to get to Marietta with very little traffic and very scenic. I sometimes wonder how he does it, but I know it takes a lot of research on his part. Plus he rides all these roads.

The legs are getting used to the pedaling again, but the legs are tired. It was another hot day and I was hoping that the cloud cover would last all day, but it didn't. I want some cooler weather so the camping will be cooler.

So I had 67 miles in today and climbed about 2700 feet, which I thought would have been more. Maybe I'm just getting older and it seems harder. The bike is still working well so nothing to report there. That's all for now. Tomorrow I drop in to West Virginia and continue to head east. Later. Paul

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