Sunday, September 2, 2007

Odell, IL

Picture is once again from Bruce Burrey – note the Marine biking jersey.

Paul went to the Henry Marina last night and had the steak he was craving. He ran into a group of Navy men who served on a ship at Omaha Beach that was supposed to be docked in Henry for a celebration. However the river was so high that the ship couldn’t get under the railroad bridge so it had to dock in Peoria. Of course our Marine had to razz the sailor vets but a good time was had by all. Paul said that the river traffic was very busy; supposedly there are more barges on the Illinois River than the Mississippi. Normally a lock system is used, but the water was so high that the locks had been lowered and the boats were able to navigate without them.

Today, Paul biked 60 miles and was appreciating the cooler evening breeze in the city park where he was camping after a hot day on the road. He’s expecting to be at the Indiana border after tomorrow’s ride. Ann

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