Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harrisville, WV

Hi I didn't make it very far today. I took off late and got rained on every once in a while, but not too bad. There was supposed to be severe storms coming in and one guy even told me I wouldn't make it to Clarksburg, where the closest motel is located. I opted for a room at the Heritage Inn. I'm keeping the bike in a vacant store on the first floor and I'm staying on the third floor.

It probably won't even rain tonight, but several people have warned me about the storms coming in and the campground is another 5 miles south of here and I'm already 4 miles off the route. The ride was nice today with some scenic areas and some rather awesome climbs. So a short day and all back roads, but tomorrow I think I'll have to start putting some miles in on Rt 50. I'll be riding backroads as much as possible. I even had the WV DOT answer an email I sent them about getting around Clarkburg and they did. So hopefully that will work out. After that obstacle it will be relatively straighforward to Purcellville and the bike trail.

Had a nice time at Ann's folks house and they treated me well, but then I am their favorite son-in-law. ;>) Thanks for everything while I was there! The food even lasted until I got to Harrisville, although there was a DQ about 4 miles before I got here. It was really a lucky thing that I stopped for a Blizzard as they are the ones that told me about the room in Harrisville. Those DQ people are so helpful!!! So tomorrow will be a long day and a little better planned out. I also have to figure out how long it will take me to get to Falls Church, VA. I promise I'll do that hon! That's all for now. Paul

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