Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Athens, Ohio

Howdy from the top of Athens

I'm at Tom's house and I just had a shower, ah the little things in life. I left Ann and home about 8 am Monday morning knowing I would have 112 miles to ride to get to Jackson and that's just what it was. The terrain got the best in Pike County as I rode east on Rt. 32. It's a scenic four lane with wide shoulders and not a lot of traffic, but I think this was the busiest I've seen it. I only climbed 1800 feet, but it sure seemed like more! I met Tom at Day's Inn where he generously furnished the accommodations for a good night's sleep.

He and I left Jackson about 7:30 and got on the back roads as soon as we left town and it started getting scenic and hilly. Did I mention hilly? It was a pretty ride and I enjoyed it. We hit the bike trail in Nelsonville and rode to Athens enjoying the shade. Oh, did I mention that it was hot again today? But then you already knew that if you're in Cincinnati.

Okay PH's, I normally wouldn't even admit this, but 2nd street in Athens totally kicked my sorry butt. For the first time, and I'm having trouble here guys, for the first time, a tear almost welled up there, had to walk a hill on the bent! It was steep and what can I say. It was a good ride so tomorrow is here to Marietta, which will be a CFC equivalent. I'm counting today and tomorrow as my CFC for the year as I'm missing my first CFC in 18 or 19 years! I tell you folks, you've seen history made twice today. Sorry.

So the first two days have kicked my butt and more to follow as I approach the mountains in West Virginia. I guess that's all for now Later. It feels good to be back on the road, but will be glad when I can spend more time with Ann. Peace Paul

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Rob said...

Hey Possum,

I can't believe that you rode to Jackson in one day. I'm used to dreading that long drive out 32 with plenty of State Troopers around.

Sure enough, I saw it in the Ohio record book. 2nd street in Athens is the steepest paved road in all of Ohio!! You mean you missed the warning sign- no cycling allowed??

Good Luck- Rob